Custom Cakes

We offer many special occasion cakes, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Balls and unique Animation Cakes. We only use the finest ingredients in all of our baked-from-scratch products. Please contact me for a price quote on your custom ordered cake.



IMG_0733 IMG_0288 IMG_0820 IMG_0291 IMG_0830 IMG_0839 IMG_0884 IMG_0911 IMG_2594 IMG_0077 Attach0 baby_shower_cake_2 IMG_0038 IMG_0324 IMG_0364 IMG_0624 IMG_0699 champagne_cake_with_cream_cheese_raspberry_puree_and__cream_cheese_white_chocolate_frosting elmo_cake_with_cake_pops ferrari_cake golf_cake image1 imagejpeg_1 imagejpeg_3 IMG_0004 IMG_2604 IMG_0079 animated_cake IMG_0104 IMG_0122 IMG_0182 IMG_0261 IMG_0282 IMG_0284 IMG_0945 IMG_0976 IMG_1246 IMG_1425 IMG_1662 IMG_1730 IMG_1808 IMG_2106 marilyn_monroe_cake one_year_old_bday_cake penguin_cake snake_cake super_hero_baby_shower_cake_iii tea_time_cake valentine